What is the Art-Video-Library?

The place where you can rent contemporary, animated and historic art-video’s for your Beam! The Art-Video-Library is an initiative of Artvark in coöperation with EYE Filmmuseum and Beam. 

Welcome to the Art-Video-Library!

Do I have to own a Beam to rent video’s in the Art-Video-Library?

For now you do! In this first phase of the library, where we are building and testing en slowly growing, we can only ensure the safety of the art-video’s with Beam. And this is a very important issue for us: the art-video’s are for rent and must be protected against illegal copying. With Beam we can be sure of that. But we intent to make the library accessible for other beams and devices in the near future!

Do I need a computer to program / work the Beam?

No you don’t! You can control your Beam from your Smartphone. And all the apps that work on your phone work on Beam as well. Of course you can connect your computer with Beam, but it’s not required. For all the ins and outs about Beam, visit their website!

How do I control the Beam / Library?

With your Smartphone! You can control your Beam from your Smartphone, either true Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Al you have to do is put the Beam-app on your phone to control your Beam (instructions will be send with every Beam). So even when you are not connected to the internet, your Beam still works and can be controlled. The art-video’s will be stocked on your Beam in the Beam-Your-Art-app, where you can play them. Once you start the app, the video’s will automatically start playing in a loop.

What is an art-video?

They are moving art works! Usually not much longer than 15 minutes and not to be confused with art house movies. Some art-video’s are specially made to be played in a loop and are mesmerizing because of their strong visual content.

I’m a video-artist. Can I participate in the Art-Video-Library?

Give it a shot! Just send us an email and we will get back to you!.

Is it possible to buy the art-video’s?

Just ask! We will contact the artist for you and get back to you a.s.a.p.

I have problems with my Beam. Where do I find help / answers?

With Beam! They have a perfect back-office and are glad to answer any question you might have. A lot of the answers can already be found here. And of course all the warranties apply if you buy the Beam here on the site.

Where do I find my Beam’s IP-address?

On your Beam! The easiest and fastest way to find your Beam’s IP-address is to open google-chrome on your Beam and type Find my IP-address  in the search bar.